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Have a voice in your work community and support fellow child and youth care workers from across the province. The CYCABC is pleased to announce from the 2016 Canadian National Child and Youth Care Conference in Halifax, NS: British Columbia will be hosting the 20th Canadian National Child and Youth Care Conference + 12th Triennial International Child and Youth Care Conference in 2018 Transitions and Transformations: influencing change through relational practice.Get involved and come to one of our training or networking events. Proudly hosted by the Child and Youth Care[…] While we continue to update the website, please send feedback directly to [email protected](Web/Social) We are working to update info for 2016, including a very special announcement to be made at the Canadian National CYC Conference taking place this week in Halifax.

We are a Boston based company that is focused on the sale and fulfillment of international rail products to consumers and travel companies through our global network of company-owned travel sites, affiliate partners and other traditional and non-traditional distribution channels.Our specialty is in web-based distribution and we were pioneers in the Online sales of train tickets and passes.We help rail companies increase their sales and lower their distribution costs; and we help travel companies increase their rail sales and margins.We are living in the end of the age- the most intense era of human existence- a time of ultimate confrontation between light and darkness.The forces and authorities of darkness are extremely treasonous, thus, constantly unleashing fierce assault and ferocious onslaught against mankind with the aim of defiling human souls, corrupting the family institution and climatically collapsing the entire human systems.

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Adversely, the body of Christ which is the prime target of the wicked one has been under siege; hence, being exceptionally pressured to lower the standard of kingdom values and compromise the fundamentals of our faith, and consequently, relinquishing her authority in the Spirit as the light of the world and salt of the earth.

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