Why is avg not updating

The FAQ would be accurate if they added: This ad vector is something that all websites are fighting right now.

Yield Manager is run by Right Media, which, since 2007, has been controlled by Yahoo.

This is why the ip addresses, that come up in the AVG Link Scanner alerts, all point to Yahoo.

The b5media tech team has been asked many times in the last 24 hours about why AVG is blocking legitimate sites.

There is a FAQ on AVG’s site about this, but it is incomplete and, in my opinion, inaccurate*.

People are asking the questions in the AVG forum, but responses have just been long paragraphs explaining how they’ve asked the question in the wrong forum and links to the FAQ. The FAQ says: This may have largely been true 5 years ago, but it isn’t now. However, the most common vector for malware to get on today’s sites is through ads.

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These ads aren’t even ever seen by the webserver you are visiting**.

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