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Here are 10 facts about how one of the world’s most successful fitness gurus lives his life. People are always going back and forth between ‘coffee is great,’ ‘there’s nothing wrong with coffee,’ and ‘I’m quitting coffee.’ I don’t have withdrawals when I quit cauliflower or broccoli. I automatically wake up at 7 a.m., my eyes just open at that hour.” “First thing in the morning, if [my wife] is up she’ll make eggs, four or five egg whites scrambled with some onions and peppers and mushrooms and a little bit of arugula salad with basil and sliced avocado with ground pepper.” “I’ll make a shake with blueberry, strawberry, cashews, and coconut water with flaxseed meal, chia-seed meal and protein powder.Beachbody, a company I work with, makes these boost products — one is a digestive one and one is a greens boost. I’ll put kale so it looks like I’m drinking ground up grass clippings. It depends if I put too much of one thing, or another; I never seem to get it exactly right, but it’s pretty much the same. I would say that Quest bars are at the top of the list for healthy bars.It’s super filling, nutritious, and quick.” “I don’t do bars anymore. I know the CEO of the company, they do their best.” “I do mixed nuts with dark chocolate chips in little plastic bag.In 22-Minute Hard Corps, you alternate between cardio, resistance, and core-focused workouts—and the flutter kick is just one of the featured moves.

P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, involves bodyweight training, cardio, plyometrics, martial arts, yoga and a nutrition plan.We were lucky enough to talk to Horton over the phone about the most interesting parts about his lifestyle. If something’s so awesome that when you quit it you can’t even function for a week, what is that telling you? I try to wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11, get my 8 hours. I’ll go to bed at midnight if I get to sleep in late. Shake up your abs routine (literally) with the flutter kick, a core-rocking move from P90X creator Tony Horton.The move is a part of his new DVD workout program, 22-Minute Hard Corps, which is basically all of the muscle-quaking, sweat-dripping power that the P90X franchise is famous for in just—you guessed it—22 minutes.“Hard Corps is designed to get as much muscle recruitment as possible [in every move],” Horton tells SELF.

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“You’re always working more than just one thing.” Plus, you can do it at home—no actual drill sergeant required.

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