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Since then, two-dozen officers have been revealed to have slept with Guap, some of whom provided her with confidential information. They’re cute and all, but it’s like one less officer that’s gonna arrest me,” she told the East Bay Express.Barry Donelan, president of Oakland’s police union, said he was ‘mortified and deeply embarrassed’ by the allegations.‘If any of this is true, it is an absolute betrayal of what we stand for,’ he said.The scandal is a blow to a department that has been under federal oversight because of failures to adequately hold officers accountable for misdeeds.January 11, 2016 Golden Globes After Party This back on almost television after years of drugs and unemployment, you would think this actress would be grateful. It made their wait much more entertaining to listen to her muttering from the back. She better hope she wasn’t or that she doesn’t get busted.Yes, she is on a soon to be hit show and is a name, BUT that diva fit she threw when security made her wait in line with everyone else is not going to win her any friends. Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent resigned Thursday after a sex scandal that began in his department spread to four other cities, with least 25 officers revealed to have slept with the same prostitute – some of them when she was just 16.

She also told Mercury News she had slept with five Richmond police officers, four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, one Livermore officer and a law enforcement worker based in Stockton.One of the sheriff’s deputies had sex with her in his personal automobile while his K-9 dog sat in the back, she said.The investigation into the officers’ relationship began in September 2015, after married Officer Brendan O’Brien, who had been having an affair with the teen identified as Guap since she was 17, killed himself and named her and several officers in his suicide note.Guap, who began selling herself on the streets of Richmond at age 12 and eventually ended up in Oakland’s International Boulevard, a well known sex-trafficking hub, said many officers knew she was underage. It did make me feel safer, having them.” Guap, who is now 18 and lives in Richmond, California, started revealing details on Facebook, suggesting she had illicit encounters with officers – calling the relationships harmless but insisted that she did not “snitch” on anyone.“They nicknamed me “juve,” which is short for juvenile,” said Guap. The two began a sexual relationship after he defended her from a pimp and others soon followed.

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