Dating violence intervention and prevention for teenagers Free sex chet hinde

There are 9 plays for audiences from Grade 1 through College with presentations for military and communities also available.Deana's Educational Theater Company is currently celebrating it's 21st year anniversary.Our Nonprofit Organization is filled with talented individuals who have long been involved in interactive and immersive theater whether it be on the stage itself or in an administrative role.Visit "Our Executive Team" page if you would like to contact them with any questions you may have. develops and produces dynamic, interactive educational theater performances and a comprehensive array of training, workshops and distance learning products.The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over long periods of time.Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information or popularity to control or harm others.

“The Yellow Dress” play was the foundation for Deana’s Educational Theater Company.

Born from the tragedy of losing their daughter, the Brisbois family commissioned Deborah Lake Fortson to write and Sydney Hayes Patten to produce a play based on young women’s stories of dating violence.

All of our performances and programs are created to prevent bullying, cyber bullying, teen dating violence, adult dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.

These performances take place in a multitude of venues such as schools, colleges, outreach and community centers, military facilities and churches.

We encourage all Educators, Community Leaders and Concerned Parents to contact us Today!

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