Dating a gemini tips

In turn, we provide you with spontaneity, youth, and energy.

In this age of dating, people want quick responses.

They want to know immediately if you’re interested in them, or in this case, they want to know if your signs are compatible.

If you’re pursuing a Gemini, however, things aren’t nearly as simple.

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Although they can be passionate partners, it’s not what they value the most. If you can’t keep them intellectually stimulated, they will quickly get bored with you.

Famous Geminis include Johnny Depp and Marilyn Monroe, both of who have been known to express a complex web of emotions, as well a great skill for adaptability.

Beyond having multiple personalities, Gemini is not a fixed sign.

There are three types of sign classification (cardinal, fixed and mutable), and with Gemini being a “mutable” sign, it means they are always subject to change.

You basically need to throw everything you thought you knew about them out the window.

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